Sun Island Resort & Spa

Nature and wildlife

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Surrounded by natural beauty

Escape to an exotic world of breathtaking possibility, where adventure and relaxation are equally within reach. Our island is home to all sorts of wildlife, making it perfect for environmental enthusiasts.



Migratory bird sanctuary

Various migratory birds take shelter in the dense tropical vegetation of Sun Island. While birds can be seen everywhere across the island, their true sanctuary is located close to our botanical gardens and has been left untouched. Enjoy the bird songs and become at one with the nature.

ZERO restaurant

From farm to fork

At ZERO, you can indulge in a one-of a kind dining experience on the ground or sit at your own exclusive table in the treetops. Our chef will help you to pick out the ingredients of your choice from a variety of produce grown right in our backyard including several type of lettuce, herbs and more. As the Maldives is 99% sea, ZERO also offers freshly cooked seafood.

Take an Idyllic cycle

Why not rent a bicycle and see where the beautiful green pathways will take you? Our gardeners take great pride in ensuring that every walk you take on the island allows you the opportunity to be surrounded by beauty. Whether you’re looking to take some time away from the beach or a keen bird watcher, we guarantee you’ll never be far away from the spectacular.