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While any of our treatments are sure to leave you feeling refreshed, our packages combine a series of treatments to leave your body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed from head to toe. Using a mix of massages, body wraps and flower baths, our expert therapists will ensure your treatments are tailored to your individual needs. Explore our options and find the perfect package for you.

Package A

This soothing package is designed to ease tensions in your back and shoulders while increasing circulation around your body. The combination of deep tissue and Swedish Massages help to loosen muscles with long, gentle strokes, nurturing your physical, emotional and spiritual body. Afterwards, choose between a Herbal Flower Bath or a dip in the Jacuzzi to delight and stimulate your senses.

This package includes:

  • 15-minute Back Rejuvenation Poultice Massage
  • 40-minute Swedish Massage
  • 30-minute Herbal Flower Bath or Jacuzzi experience

Package B

Revitalise your body with a traditional full body massage and loosen up tight muscles, while improving skin elasticity. Pressure is applied using the thumbs and heel of the hand to help to ease tension and leave you feeling energised. Afterwards, choose between an uplifting Facial Massage, a detoxifying Body Mask or a relaxing Herbal Flower Bath to refresh your skin.

This package includes:

  • 45-minute Araamu Theyo Demun
  • 25-minute Facial Massage, Body Mask or Herbal Flower Bath

Package C

Designed to relax your mind and muscles, this package is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Start with a Swedish Massage to ease tension and loosen tight muscles, before enjoying a detoxifying Body Mask. Finish with a soothing Herbal Flower Bath to restore calm and awaken the senses.

This package includes:

  • 45-minute Swedish Massage
  • 15-minute Body Mask
  • 30-minute Herbal Flower Bath