Five Sun Island spots to up your Insta game

19th October 2020

While you’re making memories in the Maldives, you’re bound to want a way to capture the beauty of our tranquil corner of the world. With turquoise waters, lush trees and white, sandy beaches, wherever you go in the Maldives, you’ll never be disappointed by your pictures. But if you want your Instagram posts to really stand out, we’ve put together the best spots on Sun Island, so you can take your feed to the next level. 


Captured by @sandrabendre on Instagram

On your doorstep

Our Water Bungalows are a feat of engineering. Each one stands over the azure lagoon, giving you unimpeded access to the ocean below. Keep an eye out for turtles, sharks and eagle rays and make sure you’ve got that camera at the ready. Head out towards the Sun Star Thai restaurant in the late evening to catch a glimpse of stingrays and sharks as they feed by the warm light of the sunset.


Mermaid Beach

As elusive and beautiful as the myth from which this beach gets its name, this stretch of sand changes its shape throughout the year. Keep your exposure low to capture all the shades of blue out on the lagoon, and take a snap to show your followers just how stunning the Maldives is.

Captured by @orangenaste on Instagram

The jungle

Even though the Maldives is known for its breathtaking beaches, a lot of our guests are surprised by the unspoken side of the islands. Explore the lush foliage around Sun Island and snap a picture of the Maldives’ national bird, the waterhen, locally known as kanbili. The greenery in the background and the golden hour sunlight passing through the palm trees covering the sky make for an unforgettable shot.

Don’t forget to check out our nearby treetop dining experience, ZERO, for dishes made with handpicked vegetables and locally-sourced fish caught using sustainable pole and line techniques. Perfect for foodies with Instagram feeds full of delicious dishes! 


Captured by @eddy_papeoo on Instagram

Make a splash

The vast majority of the Maldives is actually the ocean, and a stay at Sun Island wouldn’t be complete without a trip into the water to see the local wildlife. Famed for its untouched reefs and the majestic whale sharks that call the area their home, getting a once-in-a-lifetime picture with these giants will add something special to your social media feed.


Captured by @brittajanelle on Instagram

One last shot

One of the most famous spots on the island for sunsets is just in front of the coffee shop and the entrance of the jetty. This spot is one of the last places you’ll visit on the island as you wait to depart, so make sure you grab one last snap before you leave!


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