Making island life sustainable on Sun Island

17th February 2021

There’s much more to the Maldives than meets the eye. Behind the swaying palms, crystalline waters, and stunning sandy beaches, the region plays host to a number of fragile ecosystems, providing homes for tropical fish, birds, and plants. We’re dedicated to minimizing the impact that our resorts have on the environment, and we ask our guests to help us on that mission. In fact, we take our responsibility so seriously, that in 2016, Sun Island Resort & Spa was awarded the Leading Eco Resort in the Maldives award.

Tropical gardens

Reducing the impact that our restaurants have on the environment was a massive step for us. Our botanical gardens on Sun Island produce more than 20,000 coconuts each month, as well as a wide range of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which we serve across the island. Our gardens wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our environmental manager and gardeners.

Coral reef rehabilitation

Around the world, coral reefs are at risk from fishing, pollution, climate change, and tourism, and the Maldives is no different. Maintaining a healthy ecosystem is vital, especially with recent climate change-related events causing widespread bleaching and damage. To combat this, our dive center has created a rehabilitation program, focused on growing artificial reefs and repopulating the existing ones.

Migratory bird sanctuary

Sun Island is a hotspot for migratory tropical birds who are drawn to the dense foliage that covers the resort. Despite being visible around the whole island, their sanctuary has been left untouched and is tucked away, right next to our botanical garden.

To find out more about our work to protect our local ecosystems, click here.